Monday, March 06, 2006

Saint Rita College of Paranaque

A Christ-centered Evangelized-Evangelizing community, where life comes from the life giving Spirit of God.

"All things came into being through Him and without Him not one thing came into being. What has come into being in Him was life, and the life was the light of all people" (John 1:3-4)


A transformed-evangelizing society with minds and hearts centered in Christ.


Service-Oriented, dedicated to the teaching mission of the Church through the youth in the light of the Cotholic faith and the Gospel Truth.
Resposible Citizens, instilling our constituents unity in diversity love and respect for what is truly Filipino in tradition, culture and values.
Concerned, thus, providing avenues for the holistic development of a person.
Praying Community, whose hearts are truly recollected in God living the Agustinian Spirit with persistence and humility.
Admmission Requirements:
  1. Form 138/Report Card with the General Average of 80% or above;
  2. Birth Certificate (xeroxed copy);
  3. Baptismal Certificate (xeroxed copy);
  4. Certificate of Good Moral Character from the Guidance Counselor or Principal;
  5. Parent's Certificate of Marriage (xeroxed copy);
  6. 2 pcs, 1x1 recent photo; and
  7. Passed the Entrance Examination and the Interview.

Admmission Procedures:

  1. Submit all requirements to the Guidance Center;
  2. Secure application form for Entrance Examination from the Guidance Center;
  3. Pay the Entrance Examination Fee at the Cashier's Office;
  4. Submit the filled out application form together with the Official Receipt to the Guidance Center;
  5. Secure and follow test schedule. Know the test result; and
  6. Pay the reservation fee at the Cashier's Office.

Requirements for Foreign Students:

  1. Alien Certificate of Residence (ACR);
  2. Student Visa;
  3. Letter of Request for a Special Study Permit addressed to the Bureau of Immigration;
  4. Special Study Permit issued by the Bureau of Immigration;
  5. Proof of Adequate Financial Support or Affidavit of Support;
  6. Personal History Statement; a n d
  7. Scholastic records duly authenticated by the Philippine Foreign Service Post located in the student's country of origin or residence.


  • Intern Service Scholar;
  • Academic Scholar; a n d
  • Talangpaz Scholar.

Special Privileges:

  1. Valedictorian - Free Tuition Fee (a. General weighted average in all subjects of 90% or higher)
  2. Salutatorian - 50% Free Tuition Fee (a. General weighted average in all subjects of 89% or higher)
  3. Other Requirements:
  • Must come from a recognized school at least 100 students in his/her grade/year level;
  • Of Good Moral Character; and
  • Passed the Entrance Examination and the Interview.

Conditions for Renewal:

  1. Valedictorian - (a) General weighted average of 91% or higher (b) Final grade of 87% or higher in every subject.
  2. Salutatorian - (a) General weighted average of 90% or higher (b) Final grade of 86% or higher in every subject.
  3. Have followed and practiced the Rules and Regulations of the School.


Blogger Genelyn said...

Hi anyone can tell me where's sister Goretti Cue, A.R. now? just miss her, hope somebody could tell about her where she was assigned. She is the only person who help me for everything, I owe her big. The last time I saw her when I visited her in paranaque it was 2 years ago. If anyone can give me her address or phone no. I'll be glad. please email me back. God Bless u All

Im Genelyn Fernin Henderson here in USA

3:04 PM  
Blogger Reckyrzer H said...

Hello to all. I also attended high school and May I know where I can get in touch with Ms. Tangpuz (we call her Ate Dading). She had one brother who passed away (Manuel Tangpuz). Hope I can get in touch with Ate Dading. Miss her a lot. Thank you. Hope to hear her whereabouts soon. Thank you again. And God bless.

Daisy Tan

1:04 AM  

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